Must Read: How to install & update GPL products on your WordPress website in 3 simple steps

Keeping your WordPress plugins and themes up to date with the following these easy steps also, we have addressed the common issues facing while installing themes and plugins under GPL license. Please read the all instructions carefully and do not forget to apply them if your are facing the common problem. If you still not clear you can contact us any time.

1. Install Easy theme and plugin upgrades plugin

The Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades Plugin by Chris Jean (the developer behind iThemes) provides a function that some would argue should be a default setting in WordPress because it fixes a limitation that won’t allow you to upload a plugin or a theme if it already exists.

WordPress has a built-in feature to install themes and plugins by supplying a zip file. Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade a theme or plugin using the same process. Instead, WordPress will say “destination already exists” when trying to upgrade using a zip file and will fail to upgrade the theme or plugin.

Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades fixes this limitation in WordPress by automatically upgrading the theme or plugin if it already exists.

While upgrading, a backup copy of the old theme or plugin is first created. This allows you to install the old version in case of problems with the new version.

Attention: Version 2.0.0 changed the functionality of the plugin. You are no longer required to select “Yes” from a drop down before the theme or plugin can be upgraded. The need for an upgrade is now detected automatically. So, if you are used to the old functionality of the plugin, do not be concerned about the absence of upgrade details on the theme and plugin upload pages. Simply upload the theme or plugin as if you were installing it, and the plugin will automatically handle upgrading as needed.

Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades
  • Go to Plugins
  • Type the name of the plugin ”easy theme and plugin upgrades” press enter
  • Click on the Install Now button
  • Click on the blue Activate button

2. Download the Theme or Plugin you want to Install or Update

  • Login in your account on WPBucket
  • Go to your dashboard
  • Download the theme or plugin you want to install

Note: If your downloaded file contains any additional .zip file you have to follow some additional steps mentioned below  (to avoid common “missing style.css file” error) 

  • Right click on the downloaded file
  • Click on Extract all
  • Open the extracted file
step-2 b
  • Upload the file in the sequence mentioned
  • Upload and install additional addon(s) if you want (Optional)  

3. Install on Your Website

The process is going to be same for both plugin and theme. Just upload them to the site as you would normally, the Easy Update plugin will handle the rest for you.

step-3 a
  • Go to Plugins add new section
  • Click on the Upload Plugin button
  • Drag & Drop the plugin you just downloaded
  • Click Install now button
  • Go to Appearance add new theme section
  • Click on the Upload theme button
  • Drag & Drop the theme you just downloaded
  • Click Install now button

Your plugin or theme is now installed / updated. Just press activate to enable it.

Note: When you’re uploading a existing theme/plugin’s updated version then any old settings you have set in the previous version of plugin or theme will kept unchanged so you don’t have to worry about loosing previous settings, this plugin also saves your old version in media library just in case you need to restore it.

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